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Fibreglass Pond Building

See our step by step guide below and discover how to successfully build your garden pond with resin and glass fibre...

A list of materials for your fibreglass pond project is also included...

Tips before starting

1. The first consideration will always be the weather! Don't try to carry out GRP pond building in damp or threatening weather conditions, be patient or risk spoiling the whole job. With the British weather in mind, many of our clients build a tarpaulin tent around the GRP pond to ensure keeping it completely dry. Working at over 25 degrees C can be very difficult to 'keep up' with the rate of cure, whilst some resins cease to function at below 10 degrees C.

2. Preparation of the surface. We recommend giving the pond a light render before laminating. Sharp right angled corners should be avoided when considering using glass fibre matting to build your pond. Remember the surface that you create with sand/cement is what you will replicate with glass fibre and resin, therefore sand down any sharp areas and try to ensure a smooth surface where possible. The rendered surface must be completely dry and reasonable clean when you are ready to start..

3. Fibreglass will not adhere to any plastic products! If you have any plastic, ie: Guttering etc. Please seek advise from ourselves regarding creating a seal.

» Step by step guide to glass fibre pond building