Thank you for the trust we know you place in us every time you choose to purchase your goods with Us. These are unprecedented times for our industry, our country and the world. As a business CYB Glass Fibre is closely monitoring the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak which has, as you know, become a global issue affecting many countries.

As a family business we are a small team, but we have put a strong team in place in case any of the family need to self isolate.

In an effort to help minimise the threat of COVID-19 to our business and our people we have put in place a number of steps.

Business continuity

We have a business continuity plan in place to ensure we maintain a continued high level of service for all our customers.

Prevention precautions

We have had no reported issues with any colleagues or visitors at any of our sites as yet. We have hand cleaning products available for our customers at our shop in Canvey and if we deliver to you our drivers are following guidelines.

Supporting deliveries to those who have self isolated

We understand that there are people and business' requiring supplies, who may be self isolating. We can make arrangements to leave goods outside locations specified to avoid human contact. Please make us aware when you order.

Best regards,